Comparing: 3.30.310.100 with d.129.11

Chopping and Assignment Comparison

CATH 3.30.310.100 YugN-like domains
SCOP d.129.11 YugN-like

This section attempts to show the relationship between CATH's 3.30.310.100 and SCOP's d.129.11.

This page only shows one chain for each cluster of chains that map to identical regions of the same UniProt sequence.

Each superfamily's domains are shown as coloured regions on the chain. Other domains on the same chain that are not part of the superfamily are shown in grey. The domains in the superfamily are coloured according to the status of the most similar domain on the other side of the table.

This section is under development and suffers a few known problems:
  • Pages for large superfamilies may load slowly and/or crash the browser,
  • A small number of domains may not be plotted or may appear as "not chopped" [due to amino acid mapping problems] ,
  • A few valid choppings (and assignments) are not entered the database [amino acid mapping problems] and
Colour Meaning
          This domain is in the relevant superfamily
          This domain isn't in the relevant superfamily
CATH domains Chain ID SCOP domains